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11/14 PM update


Trade facilitated well to the downside today after an open gap down. One attemot up was made at the open which provided the best short entry -Fridays 1258 level. Downside targets of 1248.50 as well as NVPOC 1244.75 were hit before a small rotation back to IBHI 1250 area. IBHI was rejected several times including twice before we went to a new low for the day 1243.50 We then bounced all the way back to IBHI rejected again and then up to 1252.75 before close

Lucky guesses today as far as targets etc ALL TRADES are 50/50

Looking at a monthly profile we are Balanced still building for a move

Volume up from Friday, Value are down and wider, Volume health I consider poor as well as average volume down = weak

We now have an island bottom and this trade is about as nervous as a long tailed cat in a rocking chair factory

*overnight trade expected to be balanced with 1258.25 still decent resistance and 1243 support. Once again the Euro duct tape remains sticky…. till tomorrow

*6A and *6E charts worked well in shaded areas also. Trade your plan and enter as close as possible to support/resistance to avoid taking too much heat and knowing you are wrong soon is better than later. 6E has 2 head and shoulders one on a 10m chart the other on a 1260m chart

notes 11/07

From Friday’s post we said the auction was slowing/balancing and it still seems to be doing so. After testing down below yesterdays value area we saw responsive buyers drive the trade to 42 area which held as support then a brief news clip pushed the market higher by 6 points in one 3minute bar. This […]