#ES_F #Emini resistance (now) 2795-2900 area

Market resistance around the level from now 2795 (4/9/2020)  till 2866/2900 for Emini ES_F My guess for the catalyst will be job numbers which may be shocking to many. Stop may be new lows into the 1500 area – markets do not move in one direction – and there will be plenty of long/short trades if this is the destination. Your trades are your own, don’t risk what you can’t lose and always use mental/mechanical stops.

1/29 2018 #ES_F #Emini #Futures

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News EST – Big week of events

  • Setup Instructions -USE MVV to determine momentum = Red/Green for sentiment – 24 hour/Globex for first 45m to hour then use RTH new profile for sentiment
  • Longer Term Expectations – No downturn and buyers are in control – difficult to short on a long time frame unless using options to mitigate risk.

Strategy -Always Apply MVV & VPOC shifts for Sentiment & Risk. Use ONVPOC and 24hour VWAP as a sentiment guide. After 45m minutes of the RTH session use the RTH VWAP and VPOC as sentiment guide & Adjust Risk after 1st Target is hit.

  • Value Area Trade Setup  suggest waiting for reaction at POC/VPOC then entering after – POC/VPOC often acts as support/resistance and should allow a tighter stop / better entry after initial reaction.
  • When open below VAL and move to POC, 63% of time it continues to VAH. When open above VAH and return to POC, 67% of time continues to VAL.

    Value Area Stat Trade 8/17 previous VA is too tight for a setup – this has been the case for all but 2 days the last few weeks – very tight ranges = limited moves.

  •  ES_F YHI  2874.25   YLO 2846.50 – VAL 2854–55 main support
  •  ES_F Overnights balanced
    • Bull  > While a retrace of previous value is the main theought the Bulls are in cotrol and above 2875 bullish
    • Bull Area – above 2875 and bigger players may be pushing higher – Bullish above 2875
    • Bear Area-  Retrace of previous days value into 2855-57 main thoughts this AM
    • Previous Days Sentiment and Overnight Session
      1. Volume – Touch lower
      2. VPOC – Higher & Value Area Higher – Higher
      3. Direction -Higher – buyers in control
      4. Overnights – Balanced

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If a setup does not trigger- Carry it into the Globex session.

  • Levels refer to ES Chart attached
  • NVPOCs & GAPs are often targets or turning points of support or resistance
  • GAPs – 
  • NVPOC – 2872.25
  •  ES CHART – Bullish above 2875 with retrace of value area into 2855-57 theory of the morning ESRCrth1.29.18

    NQ Chart – Bullish above 7025

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